Why Saturday?

The name for my blog comes from the Latter-day Saint children’s song that includes the phrase “Saturday is a special day.” The song is about preparation done on Saturday before Sunday, a day of rest. For me, Saturdays seem to be the day I get projects done or get out and do fun things. It’s also the day we’ve been working hard to prepare to grow our family through adoption.

Who we Are

us on boardwalk

We love to vacation in Florida with Anthony’s family.

We’re Rachel and Anthony Cool. We’ve been married for five years and are loving life! Rachel is a self-employed writer. When she’s not writing, she loves watching old movies, cooking, reading mystery novels and playing games.

Anthony is a computer programmer/
analyst and loves his job. He’s a tech genius and loves anything that has to do with computers, apps and technology in general. He also likes to play games and tinker around with mobile apps.


We’re not major sports fans…but we like a good baseball, basketball, or football game once in a while.

This “about me” page wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to our schnauzer mix Rosie. She’s full of personality, can’t get enough fetch and is quite the lapdog. She’s even been known to get jealous of my laptop.

Eye on the ball!

Eye on the ball!